Friday, May 11, 2007

How the Black Marshal was born: Part 1

It all started with expressing our resolutions for 2007 : visiting our parents more often, washing our jeans inside-out, eating more vegetables, supporting WWF… and participating in our first banger-rally: Calais2Casablanca.
That last one, of course, should be the only one we actually kept…

Excited as little boys we started looking for a banger. Productivity at work crashed completely, and our inboxes filled themselves with subject as ‘Seen this one?’, ‘What about our striping?’, ‘Guys, we need a cool outfit.’…
Hundreds of C2C-mails got through cyberspace, and we hadn’t found our beast yet… yet!

That glorious tuesday, Jamie found the perfect catch: old, grey/brounish, Volvo, leaking oil, no suspension whatsoever, brakes that will kill you… PERFECT!

Once all redtape was taken care of, finally he had found his home: our pride, our BLACK MARSHAL.

Well.. at first it wasn’t worth his name, but we had plans… big plans.

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