Thursday, June 26, 2008

Engine running smoother now

Last weekend, the fourth Team Unagi Captain, Judd, came over from England and as he in fact is the only one with a thourough mechanical knowledge, we tried to fix the engine problem.

Both idle and acceleration were completely off.
After fixing a mayor 'false air sucking'-problem... everything runs smoother now.
Time will tell if this was our problem... or not.  But just to be sure, we're still planning to change the sparkplugs, the leads and the distributor-head.

Next on the menu: cleaning!

Logging off, 

Captain Snef, for Team Unagi

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ice and Rims - Just lacking the Hoes

It has been a while since the Battlecar Hydraulica was touched upon, but last friday we did it again.
Now the engine is running constantly (at 1500rpm that is), the brakes are untouchable and the suspension is a dream... the only things now to do are all the things we haven't done till now...

Some impressions of the things we did last friday:

The Icing:

Yes! Now we have some sound in the back too!
And, let's admit, nicely fitted!

The Rims:

Oh yeah! That's right! We got golden rims!

And just because we like to show off: THE ENGINE

Oh, and have you ever seen a car full of mice-shit?
Well, behold...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A French classy animal

Ze French rule ze vorld!
See for yourself how this French classy animal is having an Opel for breakfast

and for lunch