Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How the Black Marshal was born - Part 2

Well, Snef already told you how and where we found the Black Marshal, now the time has come to show you some pictures!

All in all, it's in a very decent state. We have a bit of rust on the back wheel arches, some hidden rust in the boot and more hidden rust on the exhaust. There are a couple of dents and scratches on the doors, and new life is developping in the foglight housings. As you can see the interior is in good condition, the drivers seat is a bit worn ;), but more importantly ALL electronics seem to work! (exept for the fog lights, but I already explained...).

The engine runs well, but we have a *minor* transmission oil leak. I know we have brakes, -because I've seen them- but you never have the feeling they help the car stopping. They slow you down. Gravity and air resistance do the rest.

We also have suspension. Yes, 4 springs and 4 dampers. The springs are fine. Really fine. The dampers are not. Really not. But then again, you get used to it and I don't get seasickness that easy.

Thank you ebay, and thank you Volvo!