Monday, April 28, 2008

110 days to go

We yet have 110 days to go before the big start.
Certain things have been done, a lot more will have to follow.
A little overview:

Done at this stage:
- 5 new suspension'spheres' were installed
- main filters in the hydraulic system cleaned
- oil changed ( hint: open the recepient before letting all the hot oil go...)

- interior lightening works again
- we have a radio
- and two speakers
- we got rid of all the mice-shit (well, most of it anyway)
- base exterior waxing
- 'special' lightening
- extra 'special' lightening
- no Battlecar without 8 horns

Still to do before we get this thing on the road:
- Brakes
- Engine Tuning
- extra speakers
- really thorough interior cleaning!!
- what about a new rooflining?
- exterior finishing...
- ...

Logging off,

Captain Snef

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Grace Jones and her CX

C'mon guys, isn't this the most interesting car???

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BattleCar Hydraulica goes Valhalla

It's a fact!
398 Team Unagi has risen again and is preparing for a new Road Rally.
2008 will be the year of Thor!
We're going to get ourselves nocked up on Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish highways, mountainroads, cityblocks, roundabouts, gravel tracks, hairpins...

This years challenge:

Oh, what car?
Well, what better to take with us to Scandinavia than a good reliable French car?!
Take the words CX, GTI, red, Citro├źn, leaks, 250.000km, rust, mice, a bunch of loose electrical wires and enormous luxury; put them in a sentence, and you'll have a good idea what we're dealing with...

The captains?
You may know them as Captain JM and Captain Snef.

More news coming soon...