Monday, May 5, 2008

It's all about the valves

Team Unagi performed some mayor surgery on the BattleCar Hydraulica: finetuning of the valves, all eight of them!

Like everything in life: first times are insecure, weird, full of possibilities to hurt yourself, but in the end...great success!!
Everything went off and on, screws were loosened and lost, oil was dripping, hands were ripped open, valuable parts were cleaned, valves were set on 0,15 mm (intake) and 0,20 mm (outtake), engines were turned, cylinders were set under pression... and in the end the engine was turning again.

The testdrive to Antwerp reveiled a mechanical heart, pounding better than ever before... but still calling out for a second run on the tuning bank.

No first time, without a second.

This engine is going to sound like a sewing machine! (well... a loud one).

Captain Snef

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