Monday, April 28, 2008

110 days to go

We yet have 110 days to go before the big start.
Certain things have been done, a lot more will have to follow.
A little overview:

Done at this stage:
- 5 new suspension'spheres' were installed
- main filters in the hydraulic system cleaned
- oil changed ( hint: open the recepient before letting all the hot oil go...)

- interior lightening works again
- we have a radio
- and two speakers
- we got rid of all the mice-shit (well, most of it anyway)
- base exterior waxing
- 'special' lightening
- extra 'special' lightening
- no Battlecar without 8 horns

Still to do before we get this thing on the road:
- Brakes
- Engine Tuning
- extra speakers
- really thorough interior cleaning!!
- what about a new rooflining?
- exterior finishing...
- ...

Logging off,

Captain Snef

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