Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Black Marshal is ready to reign!

Yesterday, we took care of the last preparations for the rally.
Everything was checked and rechecked: electrics, sounds, lights, seating positions...
We also figured out a genius task-changing-system, thanks to a cookingtimer. Details don't matter right now. :)
Further, a last electrical MOD: a switch was placed to manually get our radiator-fan going, in case of overheating. (Great tip from my father).
We also got our racing-outfit together. Pictures and movies will speak for theirselves, but I can allready confirm that a system of textile-rewards and -punishments is in order.

Now that de Black Marshal only needs a good washing, we can sum up the could-become-a-problem and the no-worries-for-this-piece-it-will-hold:

- we're still leaking huge amounts of transmission-oil
- all our electrical MODS have been set up by somebody who doesn't know sh*t of electrics (Me...).
- it is possible that our stickers will come off during rain
- the three of us sat yesterday on the boot of the car, and one thing's for sure: we don't have ANY suspension left with that weight.
- it might be possible that our battery is going to burn up, due to the amount of electrical power we purge out of the poor thing (a big thx to Jamie's father for this tip).
- the fact that we have two beacons will catch the attention of the local police.
- apparently 3 million Moroccons will migrate by car next week to Morocco and will try to get the same ferries as us.
- it is possible that someone is going to get really angry towards our task-changing-system... and it might be possible it will find a lonely death somewhere next to a spanisch road.
- due to our blackened windows... it might be impossible to drive during nighttime.
- in fact we haven't driven the Black Marshal any longer than one hour non-stop... this, in a whole, might become our biggest problem: the fact that we don't know our biggest problem.

- we have a GPS
- we have an electrical coolbox

Next blog will be one from the road.

See ya all!

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